Monday, 18 June 2012

Feedback = Celebration!!

Hello my lovelies! I have had a long day of travelling up the country to the shire of Leicester to collect my first year uni work. We (myself and the parents) set off incredibly early- for me anyway- considering that we had been up in the night with the cat and one of his midnight presents....a HUGE mouse! It got quite exciting in the end as the mouse did a suicidal leap of faith off the landing, ending up in the hallway below before hiding behind the shoe rack. The cat thought it was a fantastic game until Dad starting throwing tea towels at him, and the poor mouse got unceremoniously thrown out of the front door, probably thinking that we were all quite mad!

You will be excited to know that I have had some feedback for various projects! I have been waiting for what seems like an age as many of my friends on the course got emailed their results and I didn't! Anyway, for the Innovative Thinking presentation I got 68% which is a B. The marking tutor said all kinds of nice things about me:

'An enthusiastic lively presentation with good descriptive passages and the use of other props beside the moodboards. (I referred to the original concept book) A good discussion of your concept and how you might approach it. (In terms of designing fabrics) Great moodboards with well considered imagery. A well organised concept book which is thorough and visually exciting.'

Apparently I was too literal with my concept and got slightly marked down for not being 'conceptual' enough. I am very happy with that mark though, and it boosted my overall grade for the Observation and Interpretation section of the course- which is made up of the three drawing projects:

Drawing Project One, involved several sections:
Vivid Voyage
Hidden Gems
Drawing Project Two was the Obsessions project about feathers and birds.

And Drawing Project Three also involved several sections:
Materials Sourcebook
Design Journal
Drawing Sketchbook
Innovative Thinking presentation

From what I can work out from the feedback sheet, I got 60%, another B, for the O&I side overall!

 The most exciting feedback, however, was for the Mixed Media project....wait for it....80%!!!!! 

'Your sketchbook demonstrates a methodical approach to your project. Research is varied and in-depth and you have utilised a number of drawing techniques to translate texture and surface qualities. The visualisation shows an authoritative understanding of the fabric end use. A thoroughly worked sketchbook. The moodboard has come together well and is nicely compiled. Outstanding quality is evident in all samples. Hand embroidery is exquisitely executed. You have explored the techniques thoroughly and with sensitivity to the handling of the techniques and consideration to the colour balance and proportion.'


So yes....I am very happy with that. Now all I have to do is wait a few more weeks to find out what I got for the entire year overall...
To celebrate the afternoons achievements, I bought myself some flowers and put them in my fabric paper vase and a glass mug that I found gathering dust at the back of a cupboard, made myself a ribeana on the rocks, rescued some half melted chocolate digestives from the car (left over from the journey) and settled down in the garden, in the sun, with my hexagons. Bliss!!
(Sweet Williams, Roses, Carnations...*sigh*)

The cat was also enjoying himself enormously, and when he had tired of sleeping (possible oxymoron there??) he decided to explore underneath my picnic blanket which was very amusing.

Edit to add: Hurt and Neglected from East Sussex (AKA my Mum) would like me to point out that in regards to the highlighted phrase in my mixed media feedback (the bit about exquisite hand embroidery), I obviously wouldn't have been so adept at hand sewing if it hadn't been for her influence and my craft inspired upbringing. Hope this makes you feel better Mum =D

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