Friday, 29 June 2012

Flowers & Rainbows

One of the best things about summer are the flowers! The garden just bursts into life and one of the most prominent inhabitants are my Dad's lilies. He is quite protective of them and checks them regularly for the dreaded lily beetle- heaven forbid if one is found! An immediate expulsion of the lily beetle is required and much dancing and squishing follows just to make sure it won't come back! It does mean that the lilies come back year after year, growing taller and taller with more and more flowers. And the colours are lovely!!!

Of course the issue we are having this year with it being colder than usual and more wet is that there is an abundance of slugs and snails who tend to go on nightly raids and  attack the lilies, so some of them look more like this...

Never mind!! Yesterday there was a very exciting albeit slightly rumpled letter pushed through the letterbox- another set of poppy ATCs, this time from Debbie. (She also sent me some little extra bits and pieces, so thank you Debbie!!)

 Wanna take a closer peek???

Cute aren't they? The printed bird is a nice touch too.

I have also been working hard, finishing off my last two rainbow pages before I go on holiday next week. The swapping system has got a bit muddled as a few of the ladies have dropped out half way through so no one really knows who sending who what anymore, but at least I have mine ready for when we figure it out.
Here is my indigo page:

And my violet page:

So hopefully they will eventually be posted to their new owners- who I hope will like them!!

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  1. hello.
    sorry the envelope was rumpled! but it looks like the cards were ok. glad you liked them.