Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Big Giveaway

If you are a regular reader of this blog then you will know all about my big giveaway a few weeks ago, inspired by my reaching 200 blog posts. I asked readers to leave their name and a bit about themselves in the comments box, and then at the end of a week The Mother picked one of the names at random out of my crocheted hat and the lovely Lucy found herself on the receiving end of my giveaway. In between holidays and other projects, I finally managed to bring together my box full of interesting and hand made things- not that I could tell you about it as I wanted it to be a surprise. Now that it has been posted and received I feel I can share with you what was sent!!

So!! In the box we have:
-One jellyfish (crocheted with pink and green acrylic double knit yarn)
-A selection of my crochet flowers and leaves (crocheted in 100% cotton yarn)
-A fat quarter from Fabric Land
-A selection of ribbons from the Made In Lewes textile market
-An apple, an orange and a pear from The Mother

So what do you think? Nice enough for a giveaway? I was trying to do a mixture of the handmade, with projects that have been featured on my blog, and also the inspirational with a few bits and bobs that can be used in own craft sessions.

I wrapped them all up individually to make it even more a special surprise and arranged them in a shiny box with some lavender from the garden to add a nice smell.

Hopefully Lucy likes it, and thanks again to everyone who entered- keep reading, there may be another giveaway soon!!

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