Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Birthday Eve

Evening All!! It's the Eve of My Birthday, very exciting!! Tomorrow is looking to be a good day with a trip to Brighton (and the pier!) with some friends and then stoolball in the evening...if the rain holds off!! It would be really nice to have a sunny birthday after all the weeks of endless pouring rain!
I've been keeping myself busy with various crafting projects, getting on with making some middle circles for the hexagon blanket. I have a bit of a routine going, you build them up round by round, so do all the yellow centres and the first coloured round (there are 13 colours and 3 yellow shades). Then work on the second coloured round, making sure that there are as many different colour combinations as I can. Then I will add these one by one to the blanket, transforming them into hexagons! It is really lovely making piles of coloured circles, very therapeutic.

I have also been creative with some ATC making, catching up quite well with all of the swaps I signed up for. Having finished the Butterflies yesterday, all I have now are the Summer Inchies which I have already started, and Vintage Kitchen...which I have no inspiration for at all! Any help gratefully appreciated.


These don't really look like much, but they have taken quite a bit to make. The background is made of the fabric paper I made at one of my craft sessions, and the butterflies were one of The Mother's printing stamps, stamped onto vilene and then coloured in. Being on iron-on vilene all I had to do was iron them to the fabric paper, stitch on some antennae and some leafy bits. Personally I think they have a mildly vintage-y look to them that I quite like. Can't wait to see what the other ladies come up with!!

Of course, it's not all sitting at home playing round here. Yesterday the Olympic Torch came to my neck of the woods so the family went up to my Grandad's house to watch it go by not once, but three times!! Involved quite a bit of running and racing the torch procession to different areas of Crowborough but it was worth it as we got to see three different people running with the torch- one chap who I have been to The Gambia with so it was lovely to cheer him on!

It's still nice to come home and cuddle up with some crochet- the cat especially is enjoying all the snugglesomeness (oo, just invented a word!!).

Anywho peeps. Must be off, got Doctor Who to watch and some hexes to crochet. Ciao for now!!

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