Saturday, 21 July 2012

Lewes, East Sussex

I LOVE LEWES!!! There, I said it. It is my favourite town and has all sorts of historical things in it, from Anne of Cleves House, to Lewes Castle to Harvey's Brewery. The houses are higgledy-piggledy (one of my all time favourite words) and there is a veritable mish-mash (another favourite word- lots of favourites happening this evening) of shops, from popular chains to the quaint, the cute, and the downright quirky.
The photos above are of an old doorway which has been painted to look like a Monastary veggie garden- probably inspired by the old Lewes Priory. It's so beautifully painted, it makes me smile everytime I walk past it. Oh to be able to walk through the door and into the lovely garden beyond!

I mentioned a few days ago about a pop up textile fair that was happening in the Made In Lewes section of The Patchwork Dog & Basket, and today was the designated day for myself and The Mother to visit. It was slightly smaller than I'd been imagining, but there was still heaps of lovely things to interest many a crafter. Quite a lot of the items on offer were good value, but some were slightly more expensive than the £17 we had on us, so we had to be very restrained. I think we got a good haul in the end though, want to see what bargains we bagged??

And all for the grand total of £13- highly bargainous in my opinion. My favourite is the blue/green/purple fabric in the bottom right hand corner, I mean, just look at it!

All seaweedy and multicoloured and blended and wishy washy....and it goes so well with the assorted ribbon packs...

Ah lovely!! And all from Lewes!! =D

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