Monday, 16 July 2012

Monsoon Season

Yes my friends, that is what I was told this afternoon by one of my friends. England now has a monsoon season in the height of summer. I, myself, have spent a very wet weekend outdoors with the guides/brownies/rainbows trudging through boggy soggy fields with sheeting rain. It is lovely to come home into the dry, mug of coffee in one hand, a homemade fairy cake (made by yours truly) in the other and some warming crochet on one's lap. Although saying that, I haven't been able to do much crochet this weekend as I have been slightly behind on my ATC making.
I have a huge list of things I have to make, from finishing my hexes, making the vast amount of ATCs and Inchies I signed up for and finishing off the free giveaway much to do so little time. I have managed to finish two sets of ATCs though if you would like to take a peek?

At The Seaside

The background fabric is a remnant I found in one of my boxes, the striped pattern reminded me of waves and sand so it was perfect for this swap. All I needed to do was add in some waves, some frothy beads and some bead shells.

Beach Huts

I decided to continue using the same fabric as a background, but this time it was the sky and sand. I think it works really well with the bright colours of the felt beach huts.

'Tis my birthday this week (Thursday to be more precise) so I may not be able to write on here for a while as I am quite busy. Hopefully I should get more of my jobs finished in the next few days so there will be lots to show you! Maybe if we are lucky we will have some sun too!!

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