Friday, 13 July 2012

Poppy Cats

Afternoon Peeps! The above photos are the cards I have kept from the Poppy swap which I swapped out this morning having finally finished my own. They are by Wendy, Liz and Sam- aren't they gorgeous? Oo, I haven't shown you all of Sam's cards! Well here they are...

(Photos taken on possibly the last full sunny day in England- the weather at the moment is horrendous!!  Thunderstorms, pelting rain, general gloomy days....eurgh, horrible!)

Anyway, here are my poppy cards...

So what do you think? The fluffy stuff in the background is actually dyed angora (very posh) and then the poppies themselves are made with shaded wire ribbon- which I really love.

We are doubly cross with the rain in this house at the moment because it meant that stoolball had to be cancelled again last night. We were going to play two games as well to try and catch up with the game missed a few weeks ago- now we have even more games to catch up on!! So last night was spent cuddled up inside instead which the cat really enjoyed.

 Bless him, he gradually kind of slid off the cushion bit by bit which was hilarious to watch.

Right then, I have to be off, huge shopping list to buy! But before I brave the weather let me just tell you local chums about an event that is happening next weekend in Lewes. The Patchwork Dog & Basket shop in the Needlemakers is having a pop up textile fair in their Made In Lewes section on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd. I believe the times are 10am-5pm on the Sat and 11am-4pm on the Sun. Sounds fab, lots of discounts, fabrics, ready made things etc. I am definitely going, maybe I'll see you there!!

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