Saturday, 21 July 2012


Hello All!! I had a FANTABULOUS birthday, thank you for asking. Spent the day in Brighton with some friends, wandering along the pier with crepes and mooching along the lanes looking at all the cute shops.
The thing I find with birthdays is that it is almost a test of how well your friends and family know you. A birthday list only gives so much direction, the rest is left almost exclusively up to the buyer- unless of course, the birthday girl/boy is very specific about what they want for their birthdays- some go as far as buying the present themselves and then giving it to someone else to wrap (a bit backwards in my opinion as I think that presents should generally be a surprise). Luckily, my friends and family know me very well (too well??) and I have a veritable bevvy of fab presents. Some are too nice to keep to myself and what is the point of having a blog if you can't boast about what you've got!? One of my little faves is the name train up the top there- found by my Daddy in Leicester market apparently. Too cute.
One of the presents on my wish list was a lined wicker basket to put my vast wool collection in. What I got wasn't wicker, nor was it lined- it was, however, a gorgeous water hyacinth basket which has a really sexy curve and shape to it and I love it very much!

Ahh, have you spotted the new wool bundles snuggling in my NEW basket? Also a present, I am loving the colours!! Hmmm, need to create myself a project to use these lovelies with....
I have decided to keep this basket as a 'Working' basket- meaning that my current projects sit in it- so have organised my hexagon wools and bits and bobs in there. Makes me feel very posh to have a basket full of wool, begging to be picked up and used.

Mhm, what else did I get??? Ah yes! Have any of you heard of friendship balls?? They are made of glass and were traditionally made by old world glass blowers at the end of their shifts. The handmade art pieces were given to friends and family to hang in windows as a token of friendship and good luck which I think is rather sweet. I got three from my sister so there's quite a lot of good luck floating around the house at the minute.

 My favourite one is the purple and white one on the left there. Now I just need somewhere to put them....

Some other things you may be interested in are the crochet books I got- believe me, they have some cracking ideas in- but as I have two more crochet books on order and want to try out some samples I will leave these for another post.

Ta Ta for now!! =D

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