Sunday, 19 August 2012

Post Holiday Post

One of the best things about coming home from a holiday is the pile of post that is lying tantalisingly on the doormat. Of course, most of it is junk but then you get the little gem lying amongst the ATCs for instance!!

 (By Julia)

 (By Liz)

(By Sam)

The above are my returns for the 'At The Seaside' swap, and below are the 'Butterflies' returns.

 (By Carol)

 (By Debbie)                                        (By Tracy)

All very lovely and creative. Did I show you the Vintage Kitchen returns? I can't seem to find them in my posts....I'll show them to you (possibly again) anyway- can never have too much of a good thing!!

 (By Debbie)                                                      (By Liz)

(By Sam)

Oh, and one other thing- not technically post- my Dragonfly bowl has been glazed and finished!! It's gorgeous, even if I do say so myself. I do feel that it would have benefited from bubble paint to enhance the wings but still, I am pleased with it. What do you think?

I am off again for a few days starting tomorrow, to guide camp. Hopefully the weather will stay nice- I hate camping in the rain- think I'll take my wellies just in case though. Should be a good; we are making the friendship bracelets I have researched, as well as decorating some starfish and making Caribbean themed costumes!!

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