Sunday, 19 August 2012

Shropshire Holiday Days 6-8

Day Six:
Did any of you ever watch Victorian Farm? It was filmed at Acton Scott Working Farm which is where we spent the morning of day six. It was really interesting looking round and seeing sections of buildings which reminded you of the documentary. Apparently you can even rent out the cottage that Ruth Goodman lived in for the year, living as a Victorian farmer's wife would have.

Above is the school house that the Acton's built for their tenant's children. Posh isn't it.

The best part was that the other two stars of Victorian Farm, Alex Langlands and Peter Ginn were there!!! They were doing some filming (you can see the cameras in the above photo of the caravan), although we don't know what they were filming for. The Mother went all gooey at the knees and we have a photo of her staring after Alex as he walks past her. Very funny.

When we managed to drag her away from the farm, we drove to Shrewsbury, which, although very charming, I found rather disappointing as most of the shops were big chain names and there weren't many quirky shops. However, there was a fantastic fabric shop called Watson & Thornton which was selling hundreds of fat quarters at the bargain price of 10 for £20!!!
The above photo is my fabric- The Mother bought the remaining four needed. It was definitely my kind of shop. Just look at the pretty patterns!

Shrewsbury did have some lovely ornate bridges though, and a strange caterpillar type sculpture by the river bank...


Day Seven:
Another wet soggy day- this time we decided to embrace it and went to a water mill. Daniels Mill to be more precise. We were guided around by a lovely but admittedly quite strange man who was a descendant of the original mill owners and who kept going off on strange tangents to explain his points. You did get a very broad look at the history of the mill though.

We also went to a little town called Bewdley which was very pretty, and managed to catch the sun for a few minutes.

Picked up some fabulous fancy eyelash yarns as well!

Day Eight:
Home time!! We are all packed up and saying our goodbyes to our lovely holiday cottage. During the week we were adopted by one of the farm cats who was very friendly (if a little clawy), so we had to have last cuddles and snuggles before finally closing the gate for the last time and heading off down the drive.

We detoured slightly to our final holiday visit, Hughenden Manor. An imposing looking building with quite dark interiors, and a air raid shelter in the cellar. It was a very important place during WWII as it was home to the map makers who made detailed maps of the German targets for the British bombers. Still showing its patriotism, there was a giant picture of the Queen on one outer wall, made up with hundreds of photos of people enjoying the grounds of Hughenden. Very impressive.

So, it was a lovely holiday, although the weather could possibly have been better- we were often quite soggy wandering around. It is always nice to be home again though isn't it? We appear to be having a heat wave in Sussex!! A far cry from the weather on top of Clee Hill!!

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