Friday, 31 August 2012

Summer Inchies

Evening all (like the flowers? Gorgeous, aren't they??!), just a quick pop in to let you know about my recent inchie making marathon. From what I've heard from the lovely ladies at MixedMedia ATC_UK I should be expecting quite a few inchie sets plopping through the letter box over the next few days (highly exciting!) so I hope you don't mind me going on about the subject.
I seem to excel at last minute makes, as I have literally had months to make these and have finally got round to it a few days before the deadline!

Once I got going though, I was on a roll and made several more than I needed- great to keep for any RAKs, or to just send to friends in letters (I still regularly use snail mail).

So what do you think? I think they capture the essence of summer, lots of green (helped by the  mostly endless rain!) and happy yellows, fabulous stuff!!

As well as Alison's inchies, I now also have Wendy's which are just as beautiful and in true Wendy style- her's are always perfectly stitched and made using really lovely colours.

I am looking forwards to the weekend, especially tomorrow (Saturday) as I am in Uckfield carnival with the guides. We are going for a 'Best of British' theme and I shall be wearing--------

sorry, I was half way through writing that sentence when suddenly there was a massive BOOOOOOM from outside. Fireworks!!! I rushed outside and tried to take some photos for you all, although I wasn't in a fantastic position (the best position is hanging out of the bathroom window).

Plus...(!) on returning from the depths of the garden firework display I was presented with a rather cute sugar mouse biscuit!! (Apologies about the terrible photography)

Hmm, this post is turning out much longer than I anticipated, and I am keeping you in suspense about my outfit! The sentence I was halfway through was going to continue with ------ red, white and blue, with a union jack plastic bowler hat from Tesco. I may even try my hand at some face paint!! (If I can find any that is.)
Hope you've all enjoyed your evenings as much as I have mine!!

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