Monday, 3 September 2012

Carnival Fun

Hellllooo!!! It is absolute mayhem in the house this morning. Various siblings have returned from various holidays and the noise and commotion is really quite wearing after a week of general calm and quiet.
Ah well, the weekend was noisy anyway as I was in the Uckfield carnival!!! Yay! It all went swimmingly I have to admit, although the feet did suffer terribly and I have had to spend a lot of time lying down to let them recover....
Our float won a first place award though!! Would you like to see it?

 The Back
The Front- the truck and all technological gadgets were lent to us by the Rotary Club
The two sides. All of the big drawings were done by one of the Brownie leaders and then coloured in by various brownies, guides and senior section girls who did a sterling job. I especially loved the Policeman and the Royal Guard- they were just fabulous!!

We had some pretty cool costumes going on too..

I'm on the far right, and do have my face painted but you can't really see in this photo. Like my hat?

It was a really good night overall; whilst waiting for the carnival to start and getting the float to the starting point there was flag dancing, riding around at breakneck speed, balloons flying everywhere, ducking tree branches... and when the carnival had started there was dancing and singing and giving out flags to the watching crowds. Fantastic fun!!

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