Sunday, 9 September 2012

Summer ♥

Greetings Chums!!! Would you look at that sky! The bluest blue you ever saw. Marvellous. Do help yourselves to coffee and cake- coconut sponge (shop bought- I cheated). What's that you say? The cute little elephants at the top left of the above photo? Why, they are from my latest Glazy Daisy endeavour. Would you like to see more?

I am very much in love with the bright colours, the stripes, the spots, the elephants! Who, by the way, are inspired by these guys... may remember them from here and here.

The plate is full of summery colours, the sky, the sun, the sunsets/rises, flowers in the garden/house....

My Gladioli have opened up a treat and look absolutely stunning in the kitchen. The colours are just so wonderful, that no photo can really do them justice!

Last night was fun too. It was Crowborough's turn to host a carnival, although this time I was a spectator rather than a participant. The best bit is at the end, when all of the flaming torches and banners reach the green and light up the giant bonfire. The heat is incredible!

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