Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tra La La La

Hello! Hello! Hello!! How are we all this fine day? I have been up for ages being a domestic goddess!! I've done the washing, hung it out on the line, made cheesy bites for tonight's picnic, packed most of said picnic, sorted and packed everything needed for tonight's stoolball game, done the washing up and the recycling, tidied the kitchen, gazed at my new gladioli and am currently boiling eggs to put into sandwiches later on! Talk about being organised!!

And somehow, in amongst all of that, I have completed my French Knot ATCs, packaged and sent them out with a sibling to be posted. Really, I don't know what's got into me!!

I think it must be the weather. I hope everyone is enjoying the glorious sunshine we've had ALL week!! Summer has finally made it. Better late then never I suppose. We have a lovely little Budlia growing outside the kitchen window, which recently has just been absolutely covered in butterflies!! A really lovely thing to watch whilst you are doing the washing up!

Did you like my new Gladioli? Buy one get one free from Tesco!! (Bit of free advertising there) How could I resist?! And they had a really lovely range of colours too, white, cream, peach, pink, red, deep purpley/red etc. I went for the peach and the deep purpley/red colours- the photos don't really give them credit. They are velvety, rich, exuberant and drop dead gorgeous!! We have so many flowers in the kitchen now as we still have the two bunches given to the Mother. Colour galore!! Plus, the wash basket is giving out some bright happy vibes this afternoon because it contains one of my NEW double duvet covers!

Honestly, I'll tell you now; my university bedroom is going to be so bright and colourful and happy you will have to wear sunglasses in it!!

And I can't write a post about colour and flowers without mentioning the garden- Dad's pride and joy. He has been working very hard landscaping a new patio and step formation. It's taken him a while, and he isn't finished yet- the final idea is to put decking over the top with table and chairs, but the general idea of the raised flower beds and curved steps down to the lawn is there. Very impressive.

And the flowers are already in!

Hope you are having a happy and cheerful day where you are!

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