Friday, 26 October 2012

London Sourcing Trip

There are so many gorgeous fabrics out there!! And on Wednesday I got a chance to go and buy some from some seriously famous London shops!
Velvets, satins, silk dupion, duo coloured polyester lining, coated linens, muslin, woven cottons, shiny fabrics, sparkly fabrics, dull fabrics, soft fabrics, stiff fabrics.....argh!! So much to choose from!

In the above photo we have a golden satin, a yellow silk dupion, a sparkly yellow fabric from Borovick Fabrics, and a pom pom ribbon from Liberty.

In this photo we have a velvet, blue muslin, sparkly coated linen and duo coloured (pink and blue) polyester lining from Cloth House.

Don't tell everyone but you can get small free fabric samples from Cloth House. I thought these fabrics might be interesting to consider for my project but didn't want to buy a substantial amount so the samples are great!
A small non-textile related item crept quietly into my bag as well from Liberty's Christmas range. Look how cute he is!! He might have to stay out all year round rather than just for Christmas!

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