Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sudbury Hall & The Museum of Childhood

Evening All!!! I have had a lovely day, being whisked off by my aunt and uncle (plus cousins) to Sudbury Hall and Museum of Childhood.
Absolutely miserable day today though, brightened only by the bright leaves on the trees and grass.

It is a lovely place, although quite a lot of it is being renovated so the front is covered in scaffolding and a few of the rooms have been 'taken down' for restoration.

There was this interestin object in the grounds too, can you guess what it is?

Still no idea?
It's a Diamond!! Designed and built for the Jubilee.

The family also brought with them some post from home which was nice. One of the ladies from MixedMediaATC_UK accidentally sent some Sewing Box ATCs to my home address so I finally got those today as well. Look how good they are! From Wendy, of course.

 All in all, a really nice day!

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