Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Sweetbriar Hamsters

Evening All!! Just bobbing by for a quick chat before bed. I feel a bit like I am constantly running and trying to keep up with everything!! The blog sort of gets sidelined when I'm stressed and working which is a bit sad, I will try and keep up with everything.
Currently the source of my de-stressing is something furry, or rather, three little furry things! Meet the Sweetbriar Hamsters!!

 We have Poppy, a 5 month old Syrian hamster.

And two dwarf hamsters, Crumpet and Muffin.

Cute huh? Always willing to come out and play- especially Poppy who gets very excited and desperate to get out of her cage to see what's going on. The dwarfs aren't usually that bothered and just get on with sleeping or digging around in the sawdust.

I have been quite busy with uni work. This weeks task is basically to take notes of all the technical demonstrations going on (we have to be inducted on most of the tools in the workshop before being allowed to use them, so today we looked at the needle embellishing machine, various heat tools, rhinestone tool, a weed/princess machine which smocks fabric for you, a straight pom pom tool etc) and to decorate our studio spaces, then analyse the 'moodboard' created, pick out three colours, add white to the mix and play with colour proportions. So quite a bit to do. I made up my studio space today so will analyse and do colours tomorrow.

I will be adding to this board as the project progresses, there isn't very much on there at the moment and I am planning on adding fabric samples and more of my own work when we get going a bit. What colours can you pick out as main themes? I am currently going for the amber colour, with maybe green and purple?

In the post yesterday I had some lovely pieces of mail art. The returns from the Black and White ATC swap. So, all thanks go to these lovely ladies for beautiful additions to my collection!!

 (By Carol)

 (By Liz)                                                        (By Julia)

Night night my lovelies!! Sleep well!! x

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