Thursday, 29 November 2012

My Final Collection!

So as you all know, for weeks and months I have been working on a project based on bugs. It started in the summer looking through my brother's bug collection and drawing the creatures inside the perspex, then moved to looking at the eyes and developed into a physical textural form! These are my final samples!



 There are a few key materials and processes here- buttonholes, big circles, vinyl/flock, cotton buds...

And my final four...

Paverpol hardened crochet pods, hand stitched with cotton bud beads and arranged together to create a display.

Three layers of fabric, white cotton poplin, white net, blue cotton muslin. Reverse applique.

Flock circles on habutai silk. Paverpol hardened crochet circles, tied together with cotton bud beads (previously stitched to each other to form a chain) stitched on.

Flock and vinyl circles on habutai silk. Cotton bud beads embellishing the middle of the flock circles.

My favourite are the crochet pods, I just think they work so well either together or alone. After this project is marked and finished I may just keep a few around the house for decoration!

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