Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My Poor Postman

Afternoon All!! I have a fabulous visual treat for you today! Beginning with my Christmas Cactus!! You may remember I bought this cactus from Morrisons last Christmas to brighten up my Bede bedroom.

At several points during this year I thought it was going to give up the ghost but bravely it plodded on and has once more produced the most beautiful pink flowers!!

I did say the cactus was only the beginning of the treat....envelopes from all over the country have been plopping through my letterbox on a nearly daily basis. The postman must be exhausted having to carry my post around all the time! For as you know, I am hosting the Sewing Box ATC swap and I now have all of the cards ready to be swapped out!

(By Debbie)

(By Julia)

(By Liz)

(By Sam)
Aren't they lovely? It's going to be difficult to choose which ones I want to keep!! Maybe I will have to do it with my eyes closed- I do love hosting!
I have also had some returns for my Tree swap.
 (By Julia)

 (By Debbie)                                                 (By Liz)
I have lots of deadlines coming up this month (both ATC and university related) and I think I am well on the way to finishing and posting off a load. Currently I am working on a Christmas fabric patchwork which is a collaborative piece. All the ladies signed up to this swap (there are 10 of us) have been assigned a different size and shape and have to make one for everyone else in the swap, including themselves, so at the end all the sections can be fitted together in a festive patchwork!!
I am making mine mini patchworks and will embellish with ribbons and Christmassey buttons/beads/sequins- anything I can find. Hopefully they will look lovely and I'm really looking forwards to getting everyone's pieces at the end!!

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