Thursday, 6 December 2012

Arabian Nights Dream

Regular readers will have seen this photo before, but I thought I would show it to you again with the added mental image of a stripey duvet, spotty pillows and me curled up in the middle underneath a blanket mountain, cuddling my blooming flower cushions as the wind howls and the rain buckets down in the freezing land of the outside!
My room just seems extra cosy when it is horrible and dark outside, and I'm snuggled up warm and dry with some mellow music (Nick Drake to those who wish to know) playing in the background.

I think the cold weather is getting to our heads- this is what myself and Lucy spent a few hours doing yesterday evening....

An Arabian Nights themed hamster photo shoot!! I was actually doing a photo shoot of various bits and bobs for textiles, but I was in Lucy's room as she has the best lighting, and somehow ended up taking photos of hamsters rather than melon seeds! The above photo is of Crumpet, one of the Russian dwarfs.

Very cute aren't they? We may be doing a Christmas themed one at some point in the near future too so watch out for that one!! Night my lovelies!!

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