Sunday, 16 December 2012

Back Home Again!!

Finally the holidays!!! The parents came and picked myself and the hamsters up yesterday, it was a bit of a squeeze in the car but we got here eventually!
The hams have now all been tucked up in our kitchen behind the table where they should be OK.

Not as fancy as having their own room at Sweetbriar but it will do for three weeks.

I have been wandering around the house checking that everything is still here- surprising what has changed or moved or grown in three months. For example, The Mother's fabric fruit collection has dramatically flourished and there is now not one bowl,

not two bowls,

but THREE bowls!!

I came down this morning to find this cute row of candles next to my blue glass bottles. Quite mesmerising watching the dancing little flames as the kettle boiled.

Do you like my new mug? It was a secret Santa present from one of my housemates, as was the chocolate (for breakfast?)! I just like the fact the mug has a little cardi on!! So cute.

We are getting very Christmassey here, the family started on some of the decorations last week, but my job is to put up the Christmas cards (we hang them down the walls) and I did that last night. Then the tree is going to go up today!! Accompanied by Christmas songs, chocolate and ginger ale- a Power tradition! Very much looking forwards to that. I will show you the photos of it all later!

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