Monday, 3 December 2012

More Of The Usual ♥

Evening All!! Just thought I'd share a few happenings with you. I went to town last week and indulged in a little shopping (Christmas shopping to be exact), and ended up with a new Christmas cactus. Naturally I had to make a new crochet plant pot holder and cover for it! This one is really cute as it is smaller than my other one.
And once again I am getting behind with my ATCs (when am I not?!). These ones are the lace fabric cards.

It is made with two kinds of vintage lace, layered and stitched together, with lace leaves over the top. I painted it with washy gouache and then added beads.

I have a few more photos of Pip as the other ones weren't fabulous. The lad doesn't stand still for a minute!!

Apologies about the creepy looking woman on the TV. We were watching Paranormal Witness whilst playing with the hamsters. Sort of looks like I'm offering him to her!

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