Saturday, 8 December 2012

Finger Painting

Last night was spent getting messy in the kitchen with paints!! And no delicate brush strokes for me, it was straight in with the fingertips! I was being inspired by the above images taken from a lovely book called Natural Fashion: Tribal Decoration From Africa by Hans Silvester. The photos show people of the Surma and Mursi tribes in Ethiopia, Kenya and Sudan who share a taste for body decorating, making face paints from crushed bugs and leaves, and adorning their bodies with natural materials around them.

I literally covered every surface in the kitchen! Getting paint everywhere!

I haven't used any special kind of paint- the little tubs are tester pots from Wilkos (only £1 each).

I tried painting onto different papers and textures. My favourite was the sandpaper- although be warned, I may have sanded my fingerprints off in the process!

Even Lucy got involved creating various masterpieces and flinging paint all around the kitchen!

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