Sunday, 6 January 2013

The Last Days of Holiday

The Christmas period really raced by this year, I always think that we should try to slow it down and enjoy it more but I really don't know how- mine is extended anyway with two sets of grandparents to visit with their respective sides of family but it doesn't feel like enough!

I have now moved myself and the hamsters back to Leicester, packing up all my bits and pieces and trying to find places to unpack them at Sweetbriar.
Aaaand, in the process I realised there were a few Christmassey bits I forgot to show you!!

This little felt stocking was made for me by my friend Katie, who was a regular at my craft sessions (hamster making, fabric paper, pom pomsfelt elephants) last year. She said that my help with her sewing skills inspired her to make a lot of her presents this year and they are all beautiful!! (I borrowed one of her photos of them all)

It makes me feel really happy that my little craft sessions are helping people and inspiring them to make and design beautiful things! With such time and dedication taken over these little items, they are so personal and heartfelt (hah! a pun on felt!) that they are better than shop bought products any day.

The Mother has also been on a Christmas present making spree- there were quite a few of these little pretties being handed out...

Next year my tree will be bursting with handmade Christmas goodies (and several of them can be filled with festive chocolates too-win all round!!).

I shall miss the countryside for the next three months. I may like Leicester city but I am a country girl at heart and being able to go on walks through country lanes and seeing woodland stretch for miles around you is what I love doing best!
My family went on a New Years Day walk this year as the weather was so lovely, and I fell in love with the side of this house.

I wonder if there was anything written on this stone once?

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