Tuesday, 19 March 2013

A Week Before Easter

Bubbles!! What could be better than bubbles? I like the above photo because I appear to be upside down but the houses are the right way up....

The household has been a bit stressed recently and things began to take their toll yesterday so the bubbles had to come out to calm people down. Such simple fun!

This morning I handed in a particularly gruelling essay so decided to treat myself with a walk to Abbey Park, haven't been there in AgEs (the last time was in November I think- oh but do you remember when I went there in May and saw all the gorgeous goslings?!)

I had forgotten how much I liked the Park, and this little section with it's carpet of snowdrops and crocuses was absolutely breathtaking!

There was barely anyone else there and the paths seemed to stretch on forever. It was like having my own country house garden!


I took with me the latest Mollie Makes and some buttered Mediterranean bread- I know, how posh is that??!- and sat at a bench just drinking in the sunshine and the sounds of the water birds.

Whilst there I also managed to find some suitable twigs for my Easter Tree and have spent the afternoon decorating and feeling Easter-y. I found some more felt rabbit kits in the pound shop and added them, my felt Easter Eggs, the little ornaments The Mother sent in one of her packages and her crochet stars.

As a base for my tree I used a large jar with ribbon wrapped round (another present from The Mother), and one of my crochet daffodils.

The photos are terrible for which I do apologise but you can hopefully see the overall effect. I'm very happy with it and have an inkling the twig-lets may become a more permanent feature in my room! How do you think it compares to last years one?

I would also like you to meet the newest member of the owl family that are roosting on my bed. I don't know where these owls come from! They just appear, like magic...

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