Thursday, 28 March 2013

Cat Cuddles

Awwww, the cat likes me being home because I'm around to give him cuddles whenever he wants during the day. It does usually mean I have to stop doing whatever it is I am working on and just stroke him (he knows if you cheat and only use one hand, you have to use two!). He wasn't particularly happy when I decided to take some photos of him. That's a very un-amused expression he's got going there.

Even the hamsters have been having their share of cuddles. Milo managed to stop my brother from playing on his computer when he decided to take a nap on his chest.

We've got a lovely orchid in the kitchen and this is it's second year of blooming which is quite exciting. I just love the colours that are in the petals.

I put the family's Easter tree up this afternoon with the eggs that we painted last year and added Mum's new wooden ornaments. Lots of bizarrely shaped rabbits with a few random chickens (or are they ducks?) scattered around. Sadly though I will have to rebuild it once more as Dad knocked the whole thing over and it is now a forlorn bundle of twigs and decorations on the kitchen table. Tsk.

 I went shopping this afternoon and found a new (to me anyway) magazine called Homemaker. It is full of interesting tit bits to do with crafting, decorating the home, cooking, shopping....lots of fabby things! What caught my eye at first though was the carnival bird kit on the front. As soon as I got it home the needles and sewing cotton was out!

How cute is that?!

The creative juices have been flowing non stop recently, first my crochet blanket, then the little birdy and now my green ATCs, and a scrim fabric postcard, both to be sent away. Sad really, although I don't usually find it difficult to let my little creations go because I know they will go to a good home. The scrim (the coloured openweave fabric used as a background) is a really lovely material to use for creative backings. Mine was bought online from Stef Francis for £3. It has been hand dyed and has a variety of colours through it which makes it really interesting.

The colour isn't very good in the below photo, the scrim is actually much richer in colour and goes from a light pink through to a creamy yellow. I have added some commercial crochet flowers, very cute little buttons and French knots.

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