Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Fabric Wall Hanging

Ah, what lovely weather we had recently- by which I mean the sun came out for more than an hour at a time, although it was still freezing cold!! The cat was most relieved, I think he had given up on it ever being warm and sunny again! He looked enviably cosy in 'his' chair in the living room, basking in the sunshine and the warmth of the central heating.
I have finally finished my fabric wall hanging (oo I just realised I never showed you the one I received from Julia, or did I? Well I can't find a photo of it, so when I get back to Leicester I will show you). This was naughtily due in end of February, but with everything going on I have only just had a chance to finish it. As you may notice, the scrim has come out again! Very handy stuff that. I have used several layers for the background, white cotton, silver tissue paper and the greeny/blue scrim. To this I added skeleton leaves, pearly buttons, beads and hand stitching. It still needed backing onto thin card to give it support and I stitched through some embroidery thread with beads to make the 'hanging' part. Hopefully the lady I'm sending it to will like it and think it is worth the over a month wait!!
The plan is to get the next lot of ATCs and crafty things done this holiday so I can at least have one month where I'm not late with my swaps. There are some lovely sounding ones coming up too- owl ATCs, colour ATCs....

We have been visiting my Grandad a lot lately because he's not been very well bless him. To cheer him up we bought him some pink hyacinths which have now bloomed and smell divine!! They are really strong and the perfume just hits you when you walk through the door.

It is very sad to see him so down and in pain. It all came on so suddenly and he is now so much more dependant than he was which is the hardest thing. So get well soon Grandad!! You'll be tap dancing again in no time!

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