Monday, 22 April 2013


Ahhh, pretty bunting- always something to lift the spirits! These gorgeous mini paper strings were bought from a fab shop The Mother took me to in the holidays called Tiger, and are now adorning the previously bland and unexciting hallway!!

Tulips are also a great way of cheering oneself up- I splashed out and bought two bunches because I couldn't decide between the two colours. Which do you prefer or are you on the fence like me?

It is great to surround yourself with flowers when working- this was my work space on Friday, surrounded by happy flowers, paint, and a mug of coffee!


So here is a sneaky peek at my initial samples- the general idea being to combine crochet and stitching (in this case more drawn thread work stitches...)

This piece was slightly different in that I was couching a piece of crochet to a fabric base...

The back was very interesting and inspires ideas of satin stitch and simple stitched pieces....

So what do you think? Answers on a postcard please!!!

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