Sunday, 7 April 2013

Garden Centre Pottering

I have had rather a splendid day today. The family drove to Ditchling garden centre where The Mother and I spent quite a long time (and a lot of money) in their new craft centre, followed by a very posh lunch in their updated restaurant. My Gran came too and when we dropped her back off at her house I spotted these amazing crocuses!! The colours are really lovely.

There were a few yellow ones tucked away too.

Dad had bought a few baby plants at the garden centre so we were pottering around in the garden and I noticed quite a few daffodils that had been knocked over in the weather. Regular readers will know that I often have bunches of flowers, especially daffies in the spring time, which are usually shop bought. There is just something about having home grown flowers in a vase, especially as they are all different breeds and colours.

Most of the plants Dad bought this morning were geraniums and have now been potted on into larger pots and left to sun themselves in the living room where it is nice and warm.

The Mother has added to our Easter tree with this poor eyeless and footless (and tail-less actually) bunny. Our ET has actually been through several reincarnations as we keep knocking it over, sending eggs, branches and wooden figures flying all over the kitchen! Next year I really must weight down the glass better.

Oo and I have been sHoPpInG!!! Very exciting, especially as most of it was online for the new uni project. The below threads are from Stef Francis and are hand dyed yarns (the top one is mixed textures and the bottom is a cotton/rayon slub).

Then we have scoobys and blue glow-in-the-dark hama beads from ebay.

And these purchases were from the craft place at Ditchling GC- they have some lovely muted felt colours, textured papers, ribbons and much more!! (Quite a lot of emphasis on card making/decoupage or decopatch and scrapbooking actually for those interested).

Oh and to round off this rambling post, my Green ATC returns arrived yesterday too!! Fabulous!

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