Monday, 1 April 2013

Happily Married

 Phew! I have had a very busy weekend! It was my Godfather's wedding and my Dad was asked to be best man so we ended up doing a lot of helping to set up the reception hall. We covered chairs, tied ribbons, organised candles and table layouts.. I personally folded about 70 napkins!! It did look amazing though and I think my Godfather was very happy with it.

We even had a lovely bit of sunshine to help us through the day, ending in a glorious sun set which was visible through the hall windows!

His Mum arranged all the flowers- the tables were named after flowers so the arrangements on the tables matched up with the name, the one below was anemone.

The day of the wedding dawned bright, if not entirely clear. It was weird weather in that snow was quickly followed by brilliant sunshine and then back to snow again.
They were married in a little (freezing cold!) chantry, with floral decorations again provided by his Mum.

There were even real rose petals handed round to be used as confetti, they smelled divine!

The hall looked even better on the day as the tables had been filled with glasses and cutlery, jugs, plates and bread...the impact was brilliant!

Pudding was lovely too, I had to take a photo to share with you. I've never had a 'trio of puddings' before. The chocolate brick looking thing was a slab of very dark, rich chocolate stuff- a bit like what they put inside truffles. Then there was a fruity sorbet in an edible case and some kind of lemon fool on the end there. Delish!

They had not one but TWO cakes, both very pretty, one each perhaps??

I got to decorate the going away car too, we filled it with bunting and balloons, put confetti on the air vents, had ribbons on the doorhandles and the aerial, balloons coming out of the windows and cans trailing underneath. It was great fun!!

In the evening there was a disco and a big surprise outside....

...a Chinese lantern (which sadly never really took off properly because it was too cold and too windy) and....


It was a brilliant day, a lovely wedding and reception, fantastic disco (even got Dad up out of his chair and boogie-ing), fireworks....The bride was blooming and beautiful and the groom handsome and happy. So all that is left to say is...

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