Monday, 29 April 2013

Kit the Cat

We had a little surprise waiting for us in our shed on Saturday. I just nipped into the garden to take some photos of the new flowers that have bloomed...


(and Lucy's newly planted pot)

...and happened to glance into the shed on my way back in, and look who was staring back at me!!

We don't know how long she has been there, or where she comes from but from all appearances she is quite heavily pregnant!! We were having a cuddle in the garden (once we'd convinced her to leave the safety of the shed) and she suddenly walked straight into the house and hasn't left!!

As we have never seen her before and she appears to have been living rough for a while and starting to nest in our garden, we have temporarily taken her in whilst looking for her owner and getting her checked over by a vet (she will probably turn out to be a fat boy knowing our luck.....).

She's been getting quite cosy on Lucy's bed!! And we have temporarily named her Kit Cat which she doesn't seem to mind.

I will keep you posted on her progress- maybe kittens will be coming to Sweetbriar!!

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