Thursday, 18 April 2013

Selina Lake

On Tuesday we had a guest lecture come to speak to us at the uni. This lady I had heard of before, as she designed the Mollie Makes calendar I had last year and I have seen a few of her books (more on that later) in the shops, so I was very excited! She is Selina Lake, a stylist who is obsessed with flowers, bunting, vintage plates and gaffer tape (a trick of the trade for quick curtains apparently). Her client list is extensive and you will find many of her styled shots in magazines like Ideal Home, Country Homes & Interiors, Next, Wedding Ideas Magazine, Mollie Makes (of course!), House & Home Magazine and Crafts Beautiful...

She was so friendly and down to earth, and my class was lucky enough to have her personal tutoring on our projects- she helped me a lot with my colour palette (which I will show you next time I manage to get into the library) and loved my techniques and samples so I am a very happy bunny.

She is an incredibly busy lady and has somehow managed to fit four books into her hectic schedule!! Pretty Pastel Style, Homespun Style, Bazaar Style, and Romantic Style. All very beautiful, colourful and most importantly, inspirational! Great to buy for some relaxing eye-candy, or if you are thinking of redecorating your own homes. I will certainly be thinking about how all my bits and bobs are presented from now on!!

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