Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The Last Few Days

Morning Chaps!!! I am sorry for the lack of writing recently, I have had a very busy few days and there isn't any internet at Sweetbriar at the moment so I am having to use the library computers- from experiences last year I thought the library computers wouldn't let me on blogspot, turns out they now do (much to my delight!!)!!! So all is good and I can catch you all up.

At the weekend it was my Dad's birthday. Absolutely disgusting weather!! It was horrible, rainy and windy and cold!! It was quite difficult to know what to do! We had a lovely breakfast with streamers, daffodils, presents (do you like the blowfish?) and cards.

It was decided in the end to go and buy a picnic lunch and eat it at the Jack & Jill Windmills. Strangely this was what we had done for The Mother's birthday last year, but oh what a difference a few months make!! Instead of the golden fields with flashes of red poppies, it was dull, grey, brown and foggy. We didn't stay there long!

Once at home, the homemade cake (made by The Sister) was brought out and we all sang- the  candles were lit twice!! The evening was spent in the pub at a family gathering with more presents and good food, including Dad's favourite....whitebait!

So the day after the birthday celebrations I found myself in the back seat of the car, packed up with all my uni stuff and strapped in with the hamsters and my new pots of mini daffodils. Patrick was so cute!

Much to my delight, when we got back to Sweetbriar, the plants that Lucy and myself had planted so carefully had grown and flowered!!

Even some we didn't plant are now out. Such a beautiful coloured Primrose.

So now there are lovely splashes of colour that can be seen from my french doors. I really love it!! (Especially when the sun shines)

New friends have joined me in my room too. A little foxy (minus Racoon) has joined the wildlife on the mantle.

And one of The Mother's crochet owls is keeping Roo the Rooster company by the door!

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