Monday, 27 May 2013

A Crafting Mess

This was the mess left after an afternoon of crafting with my friend Anna. It is all to do with my secret project, and was also a bit of fun. There are all sorts of ideas littered amongst the bits and bobs- leaf bashing up the top there, tea bag folding in the image below, fabric crafts, felt crafts, kanzashi flowers...all sorts of possibilities!!

The leaf bashing definitely needs some experimenting on. I'm not sure the linen fabric works very well, maybe a cotton would be easier- unless there is some way of fixing the fabric??? Hmmm...


I've been playing with my kanzashi flower makers from Clover. They are so easy to make!!! I've added a little button to the front and a felt circle to the back- they could now be turned into broaches or hair clips or embellishments for handbags, scarves, hats....

And I can't remember whether I showed you my Scottish terrier dog? So here he is (potentially again) with my Dalmatian. I still have the other dogs to make too- will have to get on that one!!

Anna made a lovely turtle using the design Tash came up with. I might have to get on the turtle bandwagon and make a few myself!!

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