Friday, 3 May 2013

Drawn Threads

 We have the Internet back!!! Oh happpyyyyy daysssss!!! No more running to the library to check my emails. Of course, I have lots of things to catch you up on, last week we did henna and I drew a little pattern on myself. It is fading away slightly now though.

My Amaryllis and the strange little green plant my Dad sneaked into the pot from the front garden are growing nicely. I think they are also enjoying the lovely weather we have been having.

I posted some turquoise ATCs on Monday, continuing the monthly colour swap. My swapping group (MixedMediaGroup_UK) is in a slight crisis though as less and less members are participating in the swaps because everyone is so busy with other commitments- I know I have been struggling to juggle uni and all the hundreds of swaps I sign up to (too much choice- I just get very excited with the themes!). So please, new members are always welcome and we would love to have more people to swap with!! I like ATCs, postcards and inchies, but there are also round robin book swaps, canvas swaps, wall hangings, tags.... lots of different things to enjoy!!

And I have very interesting news about the cat...... you remember I said it would be funny if she turned out to be a fat boy.....well she did!! After a trip to the vets, where two different vets were prodding and poking his stomach for ages trying to decide whether he was pregnant or not, Kit was still considered a female by all who saw him, although not imminently about to give birth. It was only when we discovered he was microchipped and rang to give our details and find out his that we were told he was a boy. Turns out his owner had died and although someone rang the microchipping company to tell them that, they never left an address so it is unknown exactly how long Kit has been roaming the street (no longer than 2010 which is when he was chipped). He is 14 years old and used to be called Gismo, although now it has been officially changed to Kit.

His personality is really starting to come through now. He has always been very trusting of us, and now sleeps every night on my bed- on my side I might add!! A daily fight ensues over the right hand side, which usually ends in me compromising and moving slightly toward the middle so he can squish in against my legs. Cats obviously don't compromise.
We didn't think he had a meow until we put him in a car to go to the vets and discovered it, and his voice has been getting louder ever since. He can be quite demanding at tea time!!

Not a huge fan of the camera, he can appear (and act!) quite grumpy and certainly stares at us monkeys like we are all nutters. But he has his playful and cuddly moments too which are good fun.

It is the last weekend before my hand in for the consolidation project I have been working on since before Easter. I realised the other day that I haven't properly shown you the drawn thread piece I worked on a few weeks ago. My project has changed slightly since then as I can't do the required amount of samples with this technique due to the time it takes (agggggeeeesssss!!!!!) so I have been using the plotter and cutter to make samples faster- I'll show you all of the samples when I have finished and beautifully mounted them all.

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