Monday, 27 May 2013

Ducks & Bluebells

Afternoon All. I hope you are all outside enjoying the weather, sipping some Pimms, eating homemade cookies.....yes of course you are. I bumped into some friendly water fowl on my way home from town the other day, all enjoying basking in the sunshine. There was an egg, which I am assuming wasn't theirs, perched rather precariously on the edge of a wall...

Looked like a gust of wind could blow it over the edge!! Not that anyone else seemed particularly concerned.

It has been rather interesting weather lately has it not? Cloudy one minute, sunny and warm the next- although this weekend the sun has definitely won over cloud and it is almost balmy outside.

I have been working on my secret projects and keeping Kit the cat company whilst he is confined to the indoors. It isn't all bad though as the below photos of the bluebells are what I can see out of the French doors whilst I work and they provide rather an inspirational POP of colour! Especially with the intermingling buttercups.

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