Sunday, 19 May 2013

Elephant Cookie Cake

I have left Sweetbriar!!! As uni has finished there didn't seem much point in hanging around so the parents came and picked myself, the hamsters and Kit up with a stuffed boot-full of things.
Last night I had a lovely time as the girls did a very early birthday thing for me as they won't see me on my actual birthday (in July). I had some gorgeous presents, which I will share with you in another post, and this genius Millie's Cookie Cake which tastes dIvInE!!!! The elephant was chosen as I have taught all of them to make the little felt elephants.

As always, I do love leaving the bland city behind and finding myself in a colourful magical flowery countryside. The garden is looking particularly pretty at the moment thanks to Dad's hard work- bluebells galore!

The neighbours garden has a much warmer colour theme going on with these flashes of red- a nice contrast to our blue front garden.

The bottom of the garden looks lovely as well although it is completely wild. The yellow and the blue work very well together don't you think? Even with the colours as a blurred background (photo below) they look like an abstract painting.

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