Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Promoting Oneself

I have been working on some promotional bits and bobs for another project about advertising myself. This was also handed in yesterday although annoyingly the printing company messed up my order and didn't send me the stuff photographed below until after I got back from handing everything in. Cross doesn't begin to cover it!!!!
Still, I suppose I have them now for when I do want to advertise myself, along with the 300 business cards I have had printed above.

After the hand in, some people came back to my house for a little celebration, which also turned into an early (very early) birthday thing for me as I won't be here during my birthday. I got some really lovely things like the tissue paper pom pom garland (which is actually quite difficult to pull apart without tearing).

Apparently this bath bomb is a very strong love potion and when you lower it into the water you have to think of the one you want to release the spell!! I will have to use this one carefully then.

Another FaBuLoUs parcel from The Mother arrived this morning (as usual some of the edibles didn't make it into the photo). She made the bunny, who also wrote me a letter- apparently he hasn't got any arms because they would get in the way of his ears, which are rather large and floppy!!

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