Friday, 10 May 2013

Rag Rugging

Since I have almost finished my second year of uni, I have been turning my attention to all the projects that I started or wanted to start during the term but have been unable to- most notably, my rag rug which was started in January. I had to stop for a while because as well as being a fabric eater, it is a big time eater and I have spent the last two days working almost solidly on it.

I have been combining fabric strips and also lengths of finger knitting which adds a new texture and layer to the rug (can't have an ordinary one can I?). Kit has been my chief looker-after of the finger knitted strips. A job he took most falling asleep on them.

This is what the rug looked like early this afternoon, although after an evening of extensive rugging, there is a lot less of the hessian now. Unfortunately I have run out of fabric for the time being which is most vexing. A charity shop run is in order I think to get some cheap material to chop up- I'm very excited to see the end of this project, it already feels amazing under bare feet!!!

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