Sunday, 2 June 2013

Feline Fotography

Hi All!! Golly is it June already? How time flies!! Not so long ago it was Christmas!!
I've been enjoying the gorgeous weather we have been having by being outside with the cats- it's Kit's first week outside in 5 weeks!! He was thrilled and ecstatic although very quickly settled in a shady spot as it was too hot for him in the sunshine. It is quite difficult to get nice photos of him usually as he just has one of those permanently grumpy looking faces! So I ended up doing a bit of a catty photoshoot. Some of these photos may just be my all time favourites. What do you think?

Quite sinister looking here isn't he!!

Ziggy the sun cat was looking particularly pretty amongst the daisies...

I really love the above photo, one to print out in big and hang on the wall!!

He also has a slight obsession with the washing line cover....uses it as a kind of sun umbrella....

The cats have kind of been getting along, Kit is now allowed access to all areas of the house and garden which is a relief as I felt very mean shutting doors in his face all the time. Ziggy even voluntarily sat within a metre of the newbie with barely a murmur from either of them.

Lol, it was really difficult getting this photo, even if it isn't fantastic. Kit is so dark in the shadows and the camera did not like the light bouncing off of Ziggy's coat!!

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