Saturday, 15 June 2013

Flower Power!!!


The garden is looking spectacular at the moment, well, when it isn't raining! We are currently having some very strange weather for June, sunny one minute, cloudy and pouring with rain the next. Windy and cold in the morning, baking hot in the afternoon!! You never know what to wear or what to do with yourself!

Dad is growing some gladioli, although they seem to have stopped growing for a bit and aren't getting much bigger, maybe they are concentrating on their roots instead. I'm looking forwards to the flowers though!! Do you remember last year when I had a few magnificent gladioli displays in the kitchen (here and here)? Glorious!!

This clematis is very eye popping, laden down with giant two-tone flowers!

And my South of England Show rose is starting to bud!! I'm very excited for my first flowers. The poor thing does need re-potting though- need to find a space in the garden!!

Can you see the little photo-bomber below?

Fabulous towering fox gloves!

The cats are also snatching a few garden moments- Kit is more reluctant to enjoy the outdoors (I think he was a house cat before we found him) but likes to spend a few minutes of his day pottering around outside.

Ziggy has found himself a little sheltered spot in the middle of the pampass grass- quite a good place to hide really as no one can get to him without cutting themselves to shreds!

And when I'm not wandering around inspecting the flowers, I am making myself little nests with some crochet blankets and handmade cushions. Dad and myself nipped up to Leicester yesterday to collect all my work from the studio and pick up some extra bits from Sweetbriar. I managed to bring back my sewing machine, some crochet blankets, the cushion I made for my Purvaai project (because I love love love it!!) and some other bits and bobs.

The cushion on the left is part of my secret project, what do you think of it?


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  1. Ha hah! I know what the secret project is! Shall I reveal all........?
    A lovely collection of photos of flowers from the garden - all are beautiful.
    Mum x