Thursday, 18 July 2013

A Summer Heat Wave

It seems to me summer is definitely here!! One of the best I can recall for some years actually weather-wise. Long may it continue!!

In-between blog writing and weather appreciation, I have been unpacking and rediscovering the treasures I brought back from France. This little jug was made by a very talented man at a craft market in Cannes. He was selling his beautifully glazed and painted pots, but when there was a lull in sales he sat at his potters wheel and just whipped up small pots, handing them out to the fascinated people in the audience for fReE!!!  So clever!! This jug only took him about 2 minutes to make and he chose ME to be its new owner!! The skill that has gone into this is incredible- I watched it turn from an uninteresting lump of clay into this refined, elegant, curvy....I could go on all day. It was very sad to open my suitcase and discover that one of the handles hadn't made it home in one piece, but I will take what I can get and I still love it dearly!!

We had ice cream every day from these little pots (the ones above were not all eaten by me, some pots were donated) in an evening ritual where we would go to the stall and have two scoops of ice cream by the seafront, then walk to our hotel, wash the pots out and get ready for bed. They are proper plastic bowls and I have many ideas on how to use them- storage, decoration, bead pots, picnic pots, paint pots....

...hamster pots?!

I took a few crafting projects with me, although we didn't really sit down long enough to make lots of things, I did manage to make one sardine though from a Mollie Makes kit. There are two more of these little fishes to make and then they become a key ring type thing- I'll show you when I'm finished.

These are from the island of St Marguerite. Sea glass, shells, a piece of washed green tile and some quartz-y looking white pebbles. I'm thinking of turning them into a commemorative mini mosaic but as yet I'm not sure how.

The garden is also inspiring lots of flower related projects which are currently jumbling around in my brain- I have several notepads which are just full of scribbles and random ideas which will hopefully amount to something exciting and pretty.

My SoES rose has done very well for its first summer. We have had lots of flowers- most of which are now slightly crusty around the edges. The best bit about these flowers is that, not only do they smell divine, but they change colour as they mature! The new flowers are brighter and more pinkish (like the bottom one) and then the older they get, the darker and more dusky they become.

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