Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Cannes Holiday Days 1-4


Bonjour!!! It's so lovely to see you again. Always good to go out and explore new places but equally as good to come home and brag about it! I had a fantastic week in Cannes and the next few posts I imagine will be very picture heavy and with a definite French influence! Hope you don't mind. So here we go then, this is what I did last week!!

Day One: Travel and evening exploration::

We arrived in Cannes mid afternoon, having flown into Nice airport and taken a bus and a train to our hotel. Once unpacked, settled and with delicious pizza in our tummies we began to explore the town. It really is very picturesque and posh- full of designer shops and beautiful people wearing expensive and extravagant clothing.

The evenings were a time when the town lit up. Quite literally as the promenade was up-lit with coloured lights that flashed and changed colour. Most of the evening was spent watching said lights and taking photos of our feet in different colours- definitely time for bed!!

Day Two: A Bus to Palm Beach::

The Cote d'Azur is a very boaty place, where the rich and privileged moor their prized boats (did you know a private cruiser can cost between 1 and 2 million per square metre??). Cannes has two ports so there was a lot of time to oogle and dribble over these floating homes.

We decided to get on an open top bus (the number 8) to a beach further along the coast, and passed the famous red carpeted steps upon which many a celeb have walked up at the Cannes Film Festival!

The beach we went to was called Palm Beach (named after a casino) and although there wasn't really anything there, it was a very pretty place to stop and eat some juicy nectarines from the local supermarket. Mmmmm.

Day Three: Marineland::

This was one of my favourite days of the holiday. We went to Marineland which has penguins, turtles, seals, fishes, sharks, whales, polar bears, more penguins, walruses.... I had never seen a killer whale, walrus or polar bear and I got to see all of them in one day!!

The stadium for the whale show was absolutely pAcKeD!!!! And rightly so, the show was awesome!!

The dolphin show wasn't as big but it was just as entertaining!!

I liked the above fish. Not sure what they actually are but they remind me of Pinocchio!!

The final show we went to was with the Californian Seals!! They tangoed, ate pasta, played some basketball and wiggled their bottoms!!

Further along were the walruses who had just finished their show (which sadly we missed) so were relaxing in the sunshine.

The seals seemed to be having some kind of domestic argument and were vErY noisy!!

Ahhh, aren't penguins cute?!?!

There was even a shark tunnel!!!

I think one of my favourites were the polar bears. The one just below was having a marvellous time rolling and digging around in his snow cave.

Day Four: Palm Beach Take 2::

We were joined on this day by another friend so decided it would be a beach and relaxation day. It didn't start well as we were going to take the number 8 bus to Palm Beach again but the drivers had gone on strike!! We eventually walked there and spent a lovely day in the shade or in the sea before returning back to our little bay in time for the dusky light.

Stay tuned for the remaining days of the holiday!! xx

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