Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Lavender's Blue

Phew, is it July already?? How time flies!! Still, I have been very busy stitching away so it's no wonder I am losing track of the days. I have another ta dah moment coming up for you. Ready?


 This one is simpler than the others I have done, with more limited colours and stitches (bullion knots, stem stitch, back stitch and detached chain stitch). I like it for its simplicity though and I lOvE bullion knots!

I thought I would show you the back of this as well- for the photoshoot I pin back the excess fabric to make it neat, although there are ways to finish a piece properly if you are going to frame it in the hoop- I only have one so I haven't been doing this.

If you were going to keep and display your piece (or any piece of fabric) in a hoop then I have researched some helpful youtube videos for you, one using glue and one using stitches. Personally I would do the one with the stitches as I don't like using glue on fabric but it is up to you! You can also decorate the hoop itself like Sarah Edgar has here which looks really pretty.
If you are thrilled by embroidery hoops, then there are lots of things you can do with them- check this page out! There is even a book about them, called Hoop-La! 100 Things to do With Embroidery Hoops by Kirstie Neale. Exciting stuff.

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