Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Post Birthday Post

Good Afternoon Everybody!! It seems like an age since I last posted, but I know it has only been a few days. The weather has been steaming hot down here in the South and it seems to have produced an abundance of shirtless retire-ees wandering around their gardens with knotted hankies on their heads. Each to their own I suppose. I am more of a shade person and prefer to wait until the early evening when the sun has slightly dimmed to an orangey glow before venturing out to do some sunbathing.
Ziggy has been finding the sun particularly strenuous, who knew that sleeping in the sunshine could be so exhausting!?!

Fred, my birthday owl, has found his place on the patio. The Mother has decided that even if I moved away from home, Fred is not allowed come with me because she likes his solemn little face peering out from behind the cat mint.

And my gladioli are positively radiant!! The colours remind me of the story of Snow White and Rose Red.

I have been getting some very exciting post in the form of badges for my camp blanket. I may have gotten slightly carried away with the excitement of bidding on eBay and one or two badges seem to be arriving every day so far this week, with many more still to come!! I have been frantically stitching them down, including the badges I bought at the Harry Potter studios, which were recently rediscovered at the bottom of the ironing basket.

And whilst on the subject of stitching, I have been very inspired by the flowers in the garden and have been drawing up all sorts of patterns and stitch ideas. The latest being this pansy design which is really quick and simple to put together, can be adapted to personal taste and colour choice and looks really lovely when framed. I think it may be another pattern to go on my list for my future shop!!

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