Sunday, 7 July 2013

Weather, Wimbledon & Woolly Work

 (By Alison)

What a day!! Weather, Wimbledon and woolly work!! I'll begin with my Red ATC returns which arrived yesterday. I had been getting worried about them as the other ladies received theirs far earlier than I did mine, but they were worth the extra few days wait! I always love the different techniques that are used- patchworking, heat tool distortion and sewing machine stitches...

(By Annie)                                                (By Wendy) 

The weather has been utterly gorgeous today. Perfect for pottering around in the garden. I had planned to write this blog post much earlier on today but it was when I couldn't get on the Internet that I remembered it was the final day at Wimbledon and everyone watching the match was crashing the net. So I instead closed the laptop, turned on the radio and sat in the garden listening to Andy Murray's epic win! The best part was when he scored an important point and I could hear the cheering all around my neighbourhood. When he eventually won after all those championship point opportunities, the cheers went wild and it was like a sound Mexican wave echoing around East Sussex- you really felt part of something.

The cats have also been enjoying the weather, although the heat got a bit much for both of them and they had to retreat to more shady areas. Ziggy gets himself into the most amazing positions to sleep in.

And I have been working very diligently on my sheep flock. These photos only show a small amount out of the growing group. I was thinking of selling the pattern as a PDF (if I can figure out how to do that) so you can start creating your own flocks- would anyone be interested if I did? Do let me know.

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