Wednesday, 21 August 2013

A Busy Long Weekend

Good evening everybody!!! I have been quite busy in the last few days with various bits and bobs, mainly my university summer work, for which I am being inspired by the countryside! Dad has still been feeling in a slight holiday mood and unwilling to be dragged down by work so we have been on a few picnics up on the forest which were nice. On Sunday we tried somewhere new to us and although it did rain for most of it, it was very pleasant! Especially when you can combine sausage sandwiches with a bit of work.

How cute are those little curled ferns?!?! They look like caterpillars. After finishing our picnic, The Mother wasn't ready to go home so we ended up in a bird hide watching the water birds.

A very quiet, mellow end to the day.

Monday was a bit more hectic as I went up to London with two good friends and a gaggle of hamsters!! Our destination was the London Eye.

I have been on the Eye before but many years ago now when it was first built so it was nice to go up there again and see London spread out before you. I was frantically taking photos in case they were needed for a future project and it wasn't until I got home and looked through them all that I realised Big Ben was squiffy!!

We all had a fabulous day out and I think the hamsters enjoyed themselves too!! (From left to right: Chloe, Harriet, Elvis & Hamilton)

Back home now and working on a little stitchy project, some 'Hot, Hot, Hot' ATCs for my MixedMediaGroup_UK. I have gone abstract for mine and have just used hot colours, although I have a feeling that I will be the only fabric entrant and that other clever people will have thrown together a fantastic paper collage (I'm not so good at paper collages, sticking to what I know!!)- looking forwards to seeing the returns!!

And just before I sneak into the kitchen for a hot chocolate, my brother came home today from holidaying with friends and randomly started taking photos on my camera. I have deleted the more obscure ones of hairy legs and gadget buttons but this one of Kit was quite sweet.

Night All!! xx


  1. Did the photo of the heron turn out alright? X

  2. Great pictures even if Big Ben was squiffy, sounds like you all had a fun day. Love the hampsters too. I bet you tried to get your dad to turn round for the photo and he just stiffened his back :)