Sunday, 18 August 2013

Harriet & Hamilton Go To Buckingham Palace

Hello again my lovelies!! I hope you aren't getting bored with my little hammy friends because they are off again and have been sending me photos of their exploits!! I hope you enjoy them! This time they are off to Buckingham Palace (very posh), and the top photo there is Harriet being all touristy in front.

 Hamilton is not going to be left out either. Say cheese!!
 Watching the Palace guards do their thing.
 Harriet in Buckingham Palace gardens.
 In front of the Victoria memorial.
 Can you see Big Ben in the background?
 Hamilton having a sit down in St. James' Park.
Golly, they've gone all the way to Trafalgar Square!! 
 That's a long way for a little hammy, Harriet doesn't look like she minded though.
 The lovely travel companions, Amy & Mary. Can you spot the hammies in these photos?

Ah hah!! There they are.
Looks like they had a great time in London- where will they be off to next I wonder?

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