Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Owl & The Cacti Plants

Evening All! August already? This summer is simply whizzing by and, so far, with fantastic weather!! I have been busy creating as you know and today my little penguin friend and two little cacti went to their new homes.


I also paid another trip to the lovely Glazy Daisy and got my mosaic plate back after glazing and firing, love the colours in the middle!!

Plus, we had somehow managed to book ourselves in for another painting session...not sure how that one happened...and I painted another mosaic plate to complement the first!

The concentration was as intense as the heat outside!! Although it all pays off in the end. Look how fantastic Amy's owl plate is!! Very jealous!!

Love the little ladybugs.


  1. Love the penguin and the cactus! lol what's the plural of catus? Cactuses? Cacti? Who knows! Anyway, new fan and blog follower here. Oh and I love the plates too! :) x

  2. Looks so nice Beth!! Love from Aberdeen xxx