Monday, 16 September 2013

Girl Guide Crafts!

Hello my lovelies!! Golly what a busy few weekends. Yesterday I came back from my unit's guide camp and have some photos to show you from that, but I realised I haven't shown you our fantastic float at the Uckfield carnival!!! How very remiss of me. (I warn you now, this is going to be a lengthy post so now is the time to make yourself a cuppa!!)

Look at our fabulous pirate ship!! Sailing away there on the high seas. We had cannon flaps, portholes, a huge mast (originally 13 foot of cardboard carpet tube which myself and a friend had to carry up the high street- we got some funny looks I can tell you!!), flags, treasure chests, a treasure map....all sorts of things. And not forgetting of course our gorgeous waves, choc full of glittering fish and other watery creatures.

The girls did a really good job with the fish- it always surprises me to see what they have come up with. Some of the older girls took some bits and bobs home and we had all sorts of things turning up on the day; bejewelled starfish, seaweed, octopuses (octopi?)... Do you like the vampire fish below?



Some of the leaders got carried away and brought even more stuff on the day!! The mermaid, shark, turtle and crab were all made by a very enthusiastic and talented Brownie leader (aren't they fab?!).


The paper plate pirates were also a great success. They were given all kinds of accessories. What do you think of me in my pirate hat?

Hamish turned out pretty well too!! I think he enjoyed the evening as all the girls loved him and took turns to carry him along.

The carnival was good fun, lots of Rainbows/Brownies/Guides/Senior Section/Leaders came and dressed up and took part. And our float came 3rd in an unknown category!
This weekend we took 19 guides to a nearby camping spot for the weekend. Some of you may have noticed- it was the wettest weekend in several months!!! Friday evening was spent inside one of the convenient huts making scrapbooks so luckily the girls didn't get too wet and we had managed to get all of the tents up before most of the downpour began. Ooh, it was chilly though!

This was what the campsite looked like early Sunday morning. Misty and absolutely freezing, but with a few tentative fingers of sunshine peeking through the clouds.

The Saturday had been spent doing lots of crafty things and playing games in the woods during dry spells. They all made the ladybirds I designed for them, and some interesting accessories appeared here too!

Lots of bow ties, hair ties, special antennae, bug houses, bug beds, bug moustaches and even four eyed ladybirds were created!!

In the evening we got out the paint and glue and had a very messy session with leaves and twigs collected that morning combined with scrap fabrics/papers to create recycled bugs. I particularly liked the little green bug things in the top ladybird picture, and the leafy caterpillar below.

All in all, a very crafty camp that the girls thoroughly enjoyed!! What can I think up for next year?


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